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I have always had an interest in American colonial history. Growing up near Boston, it was always a focal point in history classes. Stories about the Pilgrim landing and Salem Witch Trials were sure to get my attention, but it was the American Revolution and the events that preceded it that really captured my imagination. From the initial casualties of the Boston Massacre to the British surrender at Yorktown, these are the events that put into motion the American Experiment - the absence of privileged classes, hereditary rule, and government by the majority through elected representatives.

What follows is a list of historic Sites associated with the American Revolution. Eventually, I will visit them all. In the meantime, enjoy the articles and stories that I have compiled from where I have been already.

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American Revolution Historic SItes
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Savannah History Museum

There was blood on the ground. Lots of it, and most of it belonged to the Americans. It was an ambitious plan to win the city from the British who had so easily taken it a year earlier. It may have even worked, had so much not gone wrong. Miscommunication, or even no...

Lexington and Concord: Patriot’s Day, Everyday

It may be a sad commentary but like most nations, ours begins with bloodshed. Minuteman National Historical Park is dedicated to the opening days of the American Revolution. It is here that the first shots were fired, and where both sides sustained their first casualties. Visitors can tour historic homes and taverns that have been converted into museums, and stand on the ground where the Minutemen took their stand against the King of England.

…Two if By Sea. Visiting Boston’s Old North Church

Feature image courtesy of Tim Sackton / CC BY-SA 2.0The Start of a Revolution Paul Revere is one of history's more notable figures when it comes to the American Revolution. To be sure, he was a true Son of Liberty and did his part to bring about American Independence....

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