Guide to Boston

Start planning your trip now, then keep it with you on your mobile device as you navigate through the city. It’s the most convenient guide to Boston on the market.

About The Book

Boston is one of the United States’ great cities, rich with history and inviting travelers from around the world to come and experience it’s culture and heritage. With so much to see and do in Boston, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. This is particularly true if you have limited time to explore. With the Knockabout Rapid Traveler Guide to Boston, you will have all the information at your fingertips for having a great time in the city. Museums, historic sites, restaurants, and places to just sit and take in the energy of the city are included within.

The electronic version of the guide is loaded with hot links to the places you want to visit, along with interactive maps for easy navigation to your next destination. Boston is called “the walking city” for good reason. You can cover a lot of ground and see a lot of sites in a day, it you know where to look. This book will ensure that you do.

Don’t miss out on Boston’s greatest sites. Get the guide now and start planning. Then, use it to navigate the city as you tour the neighborhoods.

What’s inside


Full Color Images


Interactive Maps


Places to Eat


Links to attractions




Supporting blog articles



Where to download the guide

You may download the guide from any of the book stores listed above. However, Apple Books or Kobo are preferred as they support click-to-call hyperlinks. Amazon has proprietary file formats and does not offer this feature. 

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