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I'd love to say that this blog is about exotic locations around the world...but it's not. It's merely a collection of helpful hints and insider knowledge on a few of the places that I know best, mostly close to home.

Enjoy the posts on some great vacation destinations, and if the shoe fits, pick up one of my interactive guides on the cities and towns that I frequent.

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Best of Falmouth, Cape Cod

Falmouth is Upper Cape Cod's largest town, with the largest coastline and the most activities to keep visitors engaged. During the day, vacationers can laze around on one of the sandy beaches or pedal along Vineyard Sound on the Shining Sea Bikeway. When evening...

Savannah History Museum

There was blood on the ground. Lots of it, and most of it belonged to the Americans. It was an ambitious plan to win the city from the British who had so easily taken it a year earlier. It may have even worked, had so much not gone wrong. Miscommunication, or even no...

Savannah’s Waving Girl

Unlike the cruise ships further south, nobody stands at the edge of the port to wave farewell to the massive cargo vessels leaving the Port of Savannah. In this case, its a reversal of fortune where those on board listen to beach music coming from the shore and watch...

Lexington and Concord: Patriot’s Day, Everyday

It may be a sad commentary but like most nations, ours begins with bloodshed. Minuteman National Historical Park is dedicated to the opening days of the American Revolution. It is here that the first shots were fired, and where both sides sustained their first casualties. Visitors can tour historic homes and taverns that have been converted into museums, and stand on the ground where the Minutemen took their stand against the King of England.

Quechee Balloon Festival

From the beginning of humanity, some folks have turned their heads toward the sky and wondered what it would feel like to fly. Balloons offered some of the first opportunities for manned flight, as early as the late 18th century, although these early flying machines...

Freedom Trail Pre-Guide

Featured Image: Captain Jackson's Historic Chocolate Shop at the Old North Church Boston is well known as the "walking city," and for good reason. When the weather is right, there is nowhere in Boston Proper that a reasonably fit adult cannot walk to in a short amount...

New England Aquarium – Shaping Perceptions About Our Blue Planet

My daughter has recently shown some interest and excitement around marine mammals and the ecosystem that comprises our oceans. So my wife and I thought it would be a good idea to take the family to the New England Aquarium to see some of the new exhibits since our...

Fenway Park Tour – America’s Most Beloved Ballpark

Grandstanding The tour begins as you plop down in the blue grandstand seats. These are the only wooden seats left in any of the major league parks, and arguably the most uncomfortable. History and tradition are so strong here in Boston that the management is willing...

…Two if By Sea. Visiting Boston’s Old North Church

Feature image courtesy of Tim Sackton / CC BY-SA 2.0The Start of a Revolution Paul Revere is one of history's more notable figures when it comes to the American Revolution. To be sure, he was a true Son of Liberty and did his part to bring about American Independence....

Touring the USS Constitution

One thing about Boston is that nearly everything is historic. I recently went back into town to update some photos and decided to take a tour of the US Navy's oldest commissioned warship, The USS Constitution. Although I used to work right across the harbor from the...

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Some quick snaps from day trips and longer excursions around New England

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